10 Things You Need Before Getting a Dog

dogCongratulations you’re getting a puppy! You’ve chosen which little furry bundle of joy is going to be yours, you’ve most likely also picked the perfect name and have mentally prepared for the incessant chewing, so what else is there left to do? Well you just need some accoutrements to make the transition to their furever home easy and you’re good to go!

You can pick up all of the below up from any good pet shop and it won’t cost you the earth.

Collar, lead & harnessCollar, lead & harness. It is your choice whether you want a harness for Rover or not, however they do help with pulling and prevent neck injuries. Make sure you get one that your puppy will be comfortable wearing, preferably an adjustable one so you don’t need to keep buying a new one! Choose a collar that is suitable for Rover’s size and age, get one that is adjustable, you can always invest in a very smart one once he’s reached full size. Buy a lead that is also suitable for his size and age and long enough so you don’t have to stoop to walk him!

Bedding & bedBedding & bed. Rover will need his own little bed; be sure to buy a big enough one that he can grow into and stretch out on. As for bedding you could use an old duvet that will smell of you (which in time will be incredibly comforting for him) or you can use ‘vetbed’ a synthetic simulated sheepskin which is hygienic and machine washable (and almost chew proof). It’s also worth asking the breeder if he had a blanket that could go home with him, just for the few first new nights whilst he adjusts, the smell of his mum and litter mates will be very reassuring for him.

You’re going to need one for food and a separate one for water.

Car harness Car harness or travelling crate. For safety reasons (both yours and the Rover’s) you are going to want to secure Rover in the car, be that in a harness that clips in to the seat belt housing or a fixed crate in the boot.

dog fleeceYoung pups who haven’t got all their fur yet will suffer from the cold, they will benefit from a little fleece or a coat when out on walks.

dog grooming kitGrooming kit. If Rover has long hair you are going to want to keep him groomed as dog hair gets EVERYWHERE. If in doubt, take him to a professional groomers. Remember some dogs will need to have their nails trimmed regularly too.

Identity tagsIdentity tags. By law all dogs require an identity tag, even if they are microchipped, on their collar with your name and address on it. Be wary about putting Rover’s name on there though, you don’t want strangers calling him away…

dog outdoor runOutdoor run. If Rover is a destroyer you might want to consider investing in a run that he can’t break out of and ruin your garden.

toysIt is vital that Rover has a wide selection of suitable toys, both age appropriate and interesting, to play with and keep his teeth clean. Maybe invest in some toys that you can play with him with, like ball on a rope. You don’t want him chowing down on your new stilettos now…

Poop bagsPoop bags. You are required by law to pick up after you dog when in public places. You will be fined if you are caught not doing so!