Dog grooming equipment starter pack

Dog grooming equipment starter packYou have chosen your new furry best friend, you have brought him home, you are snuggling with him on the sofa and you soon realise you are covered in his fur. You are faced with three options:

  1. Having him professionally groomed every six weeks (which unless you are made of money just isn’t affordable.)
  2. Leaving his fur to grow until he resembles a very unruly ball of wall, enabling you to enjoy a long life of constant hoovering and never ending de-linting of every item of clothing you’ll ever own. Couple this with having to apologise to anyone who makes the mistake of sitting on your sofa (because black just won’t ever be black again, it will be black with fur streaks.)
  3. Dog grooming equipment starter packs. Yup, they exist and they are going to literally save your (social) life. Read on to discover how to keep Fido looking just dandy and your apartment free of fur bunnies (trust me, they’re a thing!)

So you are going to need a few things, all relatively inexpensive, and you are good to go:

  • Dog ear wipesDog shampoo – you are going to want to bath Fido first to remove any muck and mud that might be clogging up his coat; it may be a messy job, but it will make your life (and his) so much easier when it comes to clipping his coat. Remember to only use special dog shampoo as their skin is very sensitive.

dog brush

  • A dog comb/brush (a Coat King is the best for the job) – once Fido is dry brush out all the knots, snags and mats that may have formed.


  • Clippers (with multiple settings depending on how short you want Fido’s coat) – clip his coat in the direction of hair growth, in long sweeping movements.

sharp pair of small scissors

  • A sharp pair of small scissors – use these for touch ups, around the ears and for trimming his paws.

Dog nail scissors

  • Dog nail scissors – always have a groomer or vet show you how to do it first as you might cut the quick if you don’t know what you are doing (dogs nails aren’t like ours and require some guidance lest you hurt your friend).

Dog ear wipes

  • Dog ear wipes – clean Fido’s ears regularly as dirt accumulates fast and if Fido has floppy ears dirt can lead to an infection. Speciality shop bought wipes work best, ask your vet to recommend a trusted brand.